What We Offer

  • Can be used worldwide everywhere where Mastercard ® is accepted, there are over 30 million locations and over 1 million ATM locations worldwide.
  • In addition, cardholders can use their cards online wherever the Mastercard acceptance sign is displayed.
  • An efficient payment system for remote or local employees and independent contractors.
  • The versatility and ease of distributing payments to your employee or independent contractor could not be easier.
  • Your Business Bank Cards Business Cards are furnished with the latest Chip and PIN technology.
  • Real-time multi-currency purse.
  • All cards can be issued in USD/GBP/Euro, other currencies on request

Future Concepts in development.
Creating the WHENTRADE Bank worldwide Social Card. This will include,
The ability for members to pay / transfer funds between each other with discounts and benefits to social cards members